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Awareness Generation

The target groups that ASSIST works with are the poorest and most marginalised communities in our society. These people have faced nothing but great misery in their lives and they feel trapped in a state of despair. Poverty has passed on for many generations and their...

Capacity Building

ASSIST strongly believes that sustainable development can only take place when the people themselves effectively own, execute and manage their development process. Therefore, the cornerstone of our work depends on the forming and strengthening of People’s...

Women Empowerment

Despite their enormous contributions to family, community and society, many women in rural India continue to live as secondary citizens, facing severe discrimination and deprivation in all domains. ASSIST believes that community development is incomplete without the...

Child Development

Many children in poor communities in rural Andhra Pradesh are missing the opportunities to dream of a bright future. With the prevailing poverty, illiteracy and lack of infrastructure, children in rural areas are being let down in terms of care and education. Lack of...

Community Health

  One of the major problems in poor and neglected rural communities is health – or rather, the opposite of health. The consequences of poor sanitary facilities, unhygienic practices, and lack of safe water and health care are visible in many rural villages....

Housing & Sanitation

Thousands of poor people in rural areas are still living straw huts without electricity, water or sanitation, exposed to the elements, dangerous animals and an unhealthy environment. Houses do not only protect people, and sanitary facilities do not only improve their...

Water Provision

Provision of water is one of the major challenges that global community is facing nowadays. Lack of safe drinking water and irrigation water are a central problem for millions of poor people living in rural India. ASSIST focuses on the provision of drinking water,...

Emergency Response

Comprehensive rural community development is the overall objective of ASSIST’s work. However, the frequency of natural disasters like tsunamis, cyclones, fires and floods in our target areas often cause an overwhelming demand for instant aid and recovery measures. Too...

Comprehensive Community Development

Comprehensive Community Development In more than three decades of rich experience in working with poor and marginalised communities, ASSIST has formulated a development process that aims to break the cycle of poverty by focusing on three main components:...

Income Generation

The majority of ASSIST’s target groups consist of daily wage labourers, marginal farmers and artisans. Many labourers depend on agricultural seasonal work in an area where rainfall is decreasing year by year. To break the cycle of dependence on agriculture and menial...

Sustainable Farming

Unpredictable climate, overexploitation of farming land, lack of irrigation water and tough competition from large commercial farms have made life difficult for small and marginal farmers in poor rural areas. Ill management of natural resources has created an urgent...

Local contributions directly

Local contributions also can be sent directly in the name of ‘ASSIST‘ to the following account:
Name of the Account: “ASSIST”
Account Number: 007710011010026
Swift Code: ANDBINBB
IFSC Code of Chilakaluripet Branch: ANDB0000077.

Local contributions through GiveIndia

give IndiaGiveIndia provides the opportunity for individuals to donate to 200+ grassroot NGOs working for the disadvantage in India. All organizations have been pre-screened through GiveIndia.org to ensure that donors can trust your money will be used for the right reasons.By helping you donate to these charities online, we ensure that your giving is efficient and impactful.

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