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ASSIST is a registered non-governmental organisation that was born in 1985 on the premise that development in India can take place only in proportion to the development of Village-India.

ASSIST came into being on the initiative of a group of individuals who were involved in the field of rural development since three decades and have been expressing a commitment to the poor, but with a difference. Read more…


Integrated development for the poorest of the poor. Proven and sustainable approach.

Focussed on the most underprivileged members of society.

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Transforming lives since 1985


With small beginnings in 1985, ASSIST is today known as a highly respected, trusted, and capable organisation in the State of Andhra Pradesh.

A unique feature of the organisation has been in developing innovative and adaptable strategies based on experience and continuous communication at the village-level, in order to achieve the over-all objective:Making the community a viable unit for its own development.

Over the years, ASSIST has guided the process of transformation in hundreds of communities within Andhra Pradesh.

At present, it has phased out its support in 130 villages, and is currently working to build the foundations for sustainable development in a total of 350 villages.

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